Java James   


About Us

We are a specialized delivery service in more ways than one.  Our main Java James staffer is James, a young man living with profound autism who delights in making deliveries! He, along with his Java James assistant (Tammy or Rob) makes deliveries with a distinct style – usually a James jump, a big grin and a high “5” accompanies each delivery.  We do not specialize in  ‘last minute’ 24/7 deliveries – instead clients are asked to place their orders a little ahead of time, to ensure they get a spot in the delivery service window of the day.  That being said we strive to be as customer-centred as possible – special requests are welcomed!  Give Java James a try. We are keen to develop a regular customer pool so James and you (the customer) get a chance to get to know each other.  A Timmy’s run once a week?  A bring-in restaurant lunch once a month? That special co-worker’s birthday cupcakes?  We’ll bring it to you, with a happy skip!  Try us out. Java James – special delivery with a difference.